Corporate Movie

We do Multimedia Interactive CD ROM Presentations. This could be Corporate Profile, a Product Launch , Annual Reports.

Rohit Infotech has full production and post-production capabilities to create visually exciting and professional videos - from company profiles to training videos, and from ‘curtain raisers’ at events to internal presentations. Because of our in-house facilities, we are able to keep the cost down and the quality high.

We have a profound understanding of this medium. We meticulously interpret your business and communication objectives and translate them into powerful videos using our creative and technical abilities.

Our range of Video Production

  • Business Communication
  • Company Profiles
  • Business Presentations
  • Internal Presentations
  • Campus Recruitment videos
  • New Employee Introduction videos
  • Training videos
  • Product Launch videos
  • Event Curtain Raisers
  • Industrial Safety videos


CORPORATE MOVIE & PRESENTATION is used to increase sales, memberships or attendance, improve profits, save money, reduce costs and risks. These are the primary benefits of using video production effectively.

CORPORATE MOVIE & PRESENTATION delivers a consistent message, which is an important benefit when communicating instructional information or training. 

CORPORATE MOVIE & PRESENTATION is uniquely useful when you want to present products or events that are difficult to demonstrate to your clients  - such as the processes of a large plant in a distant location, complex medical procedures, or demonstrations that might be high-risk to onlookers.

PRESENTATION is also very easy to share, reuse, and repurpose. It can be produced as a stand alone program on a DVD or videotape or be readily...


  • Prospects are 72% more likely to buy
  • "Electronic Brochures" get passed along
  • Now more affordable for more firms
  • Creates powerful company image
  • Improves sales presentation effectiveness
  • Increases prospect conversion rates
  • Shows product or service in action best
  • Easily translates into many languages
  • Multiple uses for the same video footage
  • Perfect for hard to demonstrate products
  • Saves money on cost of plant tours
  • Elicits positive feelings for your offerings
  • Non-profits can broadcast videos free
  • Effective complement for print materials
  • Reaches prospects on an emotional level
  • Images & sounds are incredibly persuasive
  • More compelling "Before" and "After" shots
  • Simple demo can be exciting viewing


  • Promotions, Trade Shows & Marketing
  • Video News Releases
  • Plant Tours
  • Product Demo
  • Product Instruction
  • Web and CD-ROM Content
  • Distance Learning
  • Communications to Employees
  • Customer Training
  • Employee Orientation & Training
  • Conferences & Seminars
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