E - commerce Solutions


Electronic Commerce is the much talked about concept of doing business around the globe. It removes the geographical barriers that exists in the physical organisation, and allow the requirement of face- to- face interaction is eliminated. The customer can now transact electronically.Rohit Infotech helps the organisation to go in for mass customization. Because of Electronic Commerce, no company is small in the eyes of the customer for he is only in the virtual contact with the organisation.
E-Commerce is fast becoming a way of doing business. It is also being seen as a way of doing business better, faster and more effectively. Being driven heavily by technological developments, it is designed to make Communication, Information gathering and trade between companies (B2B) and between companies and consumers (B2C) easier and faster.

We help you to: -

  • Improves customer service and helps retain customers.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Provides access to International Market.
  • Leads to overall cost reduction.
  • Leads to better financial Management.
  • Helps companies reach new Markets.
IT Solutions :

I.T. enabled services involve providing a broad range of information technology-based decision making and information delivery services for customers. Thanks to rapid advancements in the field of telecommunications as well as data processing, such services can now be offered to clients from an offshore facility dedicated to serving his specific needs. The complete gamut of I.T. enabled services include online information and help support through call centers, relationship management, back-office data processing, medical transcription, revenue accounting and web content development. I.T. enabled services have often been referred to as the next major driver of information technology led services industry. With competitive telecommunication costs, Well-developed infrastructure and a huge pool of resources Rohit Infotechgives you an edge over others.

Software Solutions :

We at Rohit Infotech providing an edge on many fronts to those who use our services: through cost and quality advantages, state-of-the-art capabilities, technical trained professionals, high reliability and the ability to save time on projects.

Portal Solutions :

It help to grow market share and cultivate satisfied customers, several genres of such portals have emerged offering customers links to the subject of their choice.
The portal is devoted to specific events. The attempt in all these cases is to offer the advertiser a unique platform for Web-commercials: the starting point of surfing for millions of consumers. In the same category as the portal-indeed, the dividing-line is often blurred-are search engines
We at Rohit Infotech synthesise a society of potential customers, no matter where they live in the physical world, who are sufficiently united by their common interest in a particular subject, or theme, to spend many on-line hours at the community site created for them
Obviously, their continued presence, coupled with their defining characteristic of being interested in that subject, makes them a sharply defined customer group that can offer advertisers. This is the moving principle of Rohit Infotech, dedicated to subjects ranging from automobiles to fashion Industry… to name few.

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